Project as an R package: An okay idea

The overarching problem I see with conforming analysis to the package domain, is that it introduces artifacts not of the project domain and that makes the project harder to comprehend

Benefits of a function-based diet (The {drake} post)

The {drake} post I've been threatening to make has landed. All 4000 words of it.

Stop() - breathe - recover()

Over the last couple of months a debugging technique involving an R function called `recover` has transformed my approach dealing with errors in R code. This post is an introduction to a ~20min video I've made where I demonstrate my `recover` approach on two examples.

Hacking R's library paths

If you've been tripped up by R's library paths in the past, or you just enjoy a good hack, you might appreciate this little trick

A workflow for lightweight R dependency management

Recently I proudly shared some code that was only weeks old and had maybe 40 dependencies... what could possibly go wrong right?

Horseman number for

Two #rstats community personalities whom I very much admire have taken my name in vain in relation to for loops. What's up with that?

R anti-pattern: Row-wise modification of data in a loop

The Row-wise modification of data in a loop is a trap for programmers coming to R from other languages.

The Roots of Quotation

In this post I use Lisp as a prop to have the quoting conversation from the start. It's a deep dive that will hopefully arrive at a deep understanding.

R2VR: Shading Meshes in WebVR

In this post I'll contiue to riff on the Uluru mesh, discussing how to colour a WebVR mesh by shading using a raster layer, or applying a texture.

Crushing the Contact Details file with #rstats

It is a universal law that if you volunteer to help organise something, you will at some stage be issued with a flat text file of contact details.

R2VR: Rendering Meshes in WebVR

How to render a 3D mesh of Uluru in WebVR using the A-Frame framework via R.

2018: In Pursuit of Productivity

2018 was probably my busiest year on record. I reflect on some of the productivity tools that got me through.

Solving the Challenge of Tidyeval

Ok here's the vignette... scroll scroll scroll... now I just quo... no wait enquo, no wait sym? Ahhh! equos that has to be it...

How to Survive a Laptop Fire

How bad would it be for your work if your laptop burned in a fire?

R2VR: Meshing Uluru From Polygons and Rasters

In this post I describe using R to make a 3D mesh of Uluru from publicly available spatial data.

Where is the value in package peer review? Reflection #2 on rOpenSci Onboarding

How is a package peer reviewer’s time best spent? When is the best time in a software package’s life cycle to undertake peer review? A user-driven perspective.

A Fully Dockerised HTTPS Ghost Blog

The installation documentation for Ghost is comprehensive, but beyond my skill as a system administrator to complete. Docker to the rescue!

Waterslides vs Ivory Towers: Reflection #1 on rOpenSci Onboarding

Onboarding is a waterslide. rOpenSci have created a rewarding and fun process that generates high quality R packages.

Going Alt-RStats with VSCode

I never want to see another CSV that isn't rainbow!

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